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Welcome to AmkorGreenHoldings

We are a company specializing in real estate development and SOC projects

4th Industry worldwide leading companies 

Block chain based worldwide best real estate online trading system&cryptocurrency




Amkor Green Holdings is a real estate development and SOC project company.

Real estate development

We carry out real estate development projects such as apartments, officetels, complex resort, condo, water park, F & B, commercial complex development.

Social Overhead Capital Project

We carry out SOC projects such as subway, port, railway, airport, power plant, infrastructure.

4th industrial project

We are working with our strategic partners to create a fourth industry business. Based on the first block chain, we are creating business models in various fields including real estate direct transaction system, solution combining block chain and virtual currency, AI, IOT.

We will do our best to make the development of the

Republic of Korea and the lives of people all over the world

rich and happy.

Real estate development
Developing the most beautiful, safe and convenient new city in the world

Social Overhead Capital Project

We will contribute to national development through SOC project.

4th industrial project

We will be a company that contributes to the improvement of the quality

of life of people around the world through the development of the 4th industry.

Thanks & Best regards.

All employees of Amkor Green Holdings.


SINCE.2019 ~

We are in the process of real estate development and SOC project in Korea.

Real Eastate Development

Business Hotel 

Development the best business hotel that is different

from the existing one

complex residential including 

Developing the world's best complex shopping mall

and outlet

Theme Condo 

Developiment a new theme-type condo

Luxury Private Resort 

Development a private resort with the most beautiful

views and the best security facilities in the world

WaterPark & Condo 

Development a Water parks and condominiums with world-class facilities and state-of-the-art technology

Concert Hall 

Development a K-POP Concert Hall,

Specialized Waterfront Park

Waterfront F&B 

Development Terrace Cafe, Restaurant, Pub etc.


Officetel and F & B development with best facilities

and sea view

Complex Shopping mall & Outlet 

Development the world's best complex shopping mall and outlet

Luxury Hotel 

Super luxurious hotel development with the best view of the sea

Urban Entertainment Center 

Developiment a new theme-type condo

Resort Condo

Development a resort condo with the most beautiful views

and the best security facilities in the world

complex residential including

Development of complex residential including apartment,

officetel, and store.

Social Overhead Capital Project

City Railway 

State-of-the-art urban railway development


The world's best yacht pier will be developed


SINCE.2019 ~

We Block Chain Based Worldwide Best Real Estate Online Electronic Trading and Contract System & Real Estate O2O Platform Service

4th industrial project

Block Chain Based Worldwide Best Real Estate Online Electronic Trading and Contract System & Real Estate O2O Platform Service

We will strive to develop the best new city in the world.


The founding members with creative and innovative minds that will change the world along with the team who are dedicated to support

and provide a world changing service for their users.

Founder & Board member

Founder / CEO(Chief executive officer)

유 형 근  Yoo HyungKen

DCHT  Standing adviser

DoohaNuri  Standing adviser

ShinHyuk International  CEO

Incheon National University department of Martial arts, BA
Anyang University Business administration, BA

Founder / CKO(Chief knowledge officer)

김 경 훈  Kim KyungHwun

ADT CAPS  Advisor

DCHT  Branch president

OTS  TeamLeader

SunKyoung International  CEO

SunKyoung MRO  CEO
Daejeon University Economics, BA

Founder / CIO(Chief information officer)

김 최 영  Kim ChoiYoung

SANE Co., LTD. Business  Director

Jinted Co., LTD. President.

Korea Transport Institute,  Researcher

Kongju National University, Dept. of Urban/Transportation Engineering, MA

Hanyang University, Dept. of Transportation, MA

Kangnam University, Dept. of Urban Engineering, BA

COO(Chief Operation Officer)

김 민 규  Steve Kim

Royal Coin  COO

1987 Company Franchise  CEO

Golfzon Business team leader

Hanyang University Graduate school economics Master's degree, MA

CSO(Chief Security Officer)

이 연 태  Lee YounTae

National Police Agency  Superintendent General(전/경찰청 경무관)

Wonmi Police Station  The Chief of Police(전/원미경찰서장)

Seoul Seongbuk Police Station  The Chief of Police(전/서울성북경찰서장)

Korean National Police University 3rd(경찰대학 3기)
Hanyang University Graduate School of Public Administration,MA

CCO(Chief Customer Officer)

김 수 기  Kim SooKi

Shabussamjumuni  HQ withmorn CEO

1987 Comapny  CEO

Greatgatsby primium lounge  CEO

Thailand International exchange  Manager
Hanyang University Seoul Campus dancing, BA

CMO(Chief marketing officer)

심 원 문  Sim WonMoon

NURIDA  Dev Director
Crazy Diamond (LOVEBEAT)  Dev Director
T3 Entertainment (AUDITION)  Director
WEBZEN (MU 2)  Director
HIWIN (천상비)  Director



Mark Esposito

Amkor Green LLC & AG Investment Bank.  Chairman

New York University Real Estate Institute

(Diploma real Estate Development)

New York University Real Estate Institute

(Diploma Investment Banking)

State University of NEW YORK, BA

City University of NEW YORK, MA

ULC California, PhD.


Kim DongWon

Amkor Green LLc.  Overseas managing Director

KCI Humanitarian lnc.  CEO



조 유 복  Cho YooBok

The Korea Socety of Management Information System  Generel Manager

Korea Geospatial Information Industries Cooperative  Generel Manager


Samsung SDS  Generel Manager
Yonsei University Graduate School og Business Executive MBA


서 종 환  Sue JongHwann

Senior Secretary for Political Affairs for the Prime Minister(전/국무총리 정무수석)

The Blue House  Planning/Coordination Secretary(전/청와대 기획조정비서관)

The Blue House Secretary for Policy(전/청와대 정책비서관)

The Bureau of Public Information  Newspaper Broadcasting / Public Relations Director(전/공보처 신문방송/여론국장)

United Nations Delegation of the Republic of Korea(전/UN 한국대표부 공보관)

The Public Administration Examination 10rd(행정고시 10회)

Kyung Hee University Graduate School of Political Science,  Phd

Seoul National University of Law,  BA


유 지 환  Yu JiHwan

SportsSeoul  CEO

Singapole Desco Technology  Senior Excutive Vice President

AMIC  Business Senior Executive Vice President

Futaba China  CEO

University of Tokyo Labor Economics,  MA

University of SanFrancisco  Department of Economics,  BA


변 재 영  Byun JaeYoung

Soel-tier  CMO.
UPXIDE  PR communication.
Smartplus brand  Maketer.
Payment app digital  Marketer.
Branded contents  Producer.


구 영 민  Goo YoungMin

E.Yeoju Military Golf Club  President(전/동여주 군골프장 대표)

Brigadier General of the Korean Navy(전/대한민국 해군 준장)

General of the ROK Navy MP(전/해군 헌병감)

Republic of Korea Naval Academy 32rd(해군사관학교 32기)


한 윤 경  Han YoonKyung

International Drone Sports Committee chairman of the board

Namseoul Occupational Training College vice-dean

Chunnam Techno University professor

Korea University Department of Corporate Management, PhD

Sungkyunkwan University Graduate school of Media Information, MA

Keimyung University Japanese Studies, BA


장 덕 창  Jang DeogChang

AT Industrial Development  Founder/CEO

Bukbu Construction  Vice-President

Geo Construction  CEO

Preparing Committee for Unification Era.  Planning Director

Yongin University Combative Martial Arts,  BA


황 진 수  Hwang JinSoo

Transportation Professional Engineer

Jin Soo Engineering Co.,Ltd  CEO

Hanam-City City Planning Committee  Member

Hanam-City/Incheon-City/Pyeongtaek-City Traffic Impact Assessment Review Committee

Teso Engineering Co.,Ltd  Director


황 윤 걸  Hwang YoonGul

MBC Voice Actor Association  Chairman

Korean Voice Actor

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation(MBC) Open Competitive Employment 9rd

Kookmin University Department of Media Conservation  BA 


김 용 훈  Kim YongHun

Dongyang University  vice-president of a university

POSCO Engineering  management consultant

SAMWOOCM Architects&Engineers  management consultant

Seoul National University,  BA


류 문 형  Ryu MoonHyung

Onnara  Founder/CEO

Willstec  Director

Korea Electronic Proof Institute  Executive Manager

Dongguk University Graduate School of International Affairs and Information Security,  MA


김 두 현  Kim DooHyun

RFTKOREA co. SUNJLINGEUM-YUNC. co.ltd  Chairperson

National Merit Scholarship Foundation  Chairman

International Association for Culture and Sports Promotion  Chairman

Eastern Culture and Art Exchange Association  Chairman

Tae Hyoung General Construction  Chairman

Corruption Prevention News & Newspaper  Chairman


조 재 응  Jo JaeEung

Uplus Dentistry  CEO

Saemirae Hospital  Director

Sunghwa Holdings  Director

MBC Symphony Orchestra  Deputy member
Mannhelm Muslkhochschule Diplom of Orchestral Music, BA


김 종 일  Kim JongIl

Harucom Co.,Ltd.  Founder/CEO

ANP Communication Co.,Ltd. Dept. of BTL.  Director

Peesons Co.,Ltd.  Promotion Division Director

FM Communications Co.,Ltd  Promotion Division Director

Korea University of Media Arts, Dept. of Event Production,  BA


최 이 지  Choi EJi

Samwoo Accounting Corporation,  CPA/Tax Accountant

Tongil Group, Planning Office/assets Management, CPA/Tax Accountant

KPMG Samjong Accounting Corporation,  CPA/Tax Accountant

Shinwoo Accounting Corporation,  CPA/Tax Accountant

Certified Public Accountant,  2001

Yonsei University, College of Human Ecology, Child and Family Studies,  BA


정 윤 경  Chung YoonKyung

Vesta system Inc.  Founder/CEO

Nuri Solution  Director(Capital Market Division)

Korea First Data System  Team Leader(Capital Market Division)

Sungshin Women's University, Computer Science,  BA


한 승 연  Han SengYun

KAiREX Cryptographic exchange  Director

Korean-Chiness interpreter

SUH Toul(Korea)  Public Relations Director

Beijing Sinjoo International Travel agency(BTG)  Representative from Korea

Harbin Normal University,  BA


김 완 호  Kim WanHo

The Director of Hospital Kim Wan Ho.

Korean Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  Vice President

The Korean Association of Stem Cell & Tissue Regeneration  General Director

The Korean Academy of Golf Medicine  Director


이 응 용  Lee EungYong

Orange Marketing  Founder/CEO

Woonjin Group New Business Division  General Director

Online and Direct Response Marketing Consultant

Certified Professional in New Media Business

Certified Professional in Global Management

Toronto University International Business School

Soonchunhyang University,  BA


이 창 원  Lee ChangWon

Korea Tourism College Professor

Korea Startup Institute President

NCS Consulting Specialist for Business utilization

NCS Education Training Instructor

Sejong University, Ph.D. in Food Service Management


이 향 숙  Lee HyangSook

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Logistics, Incheon National University.

Hongik University.  Research Professor

Transportation Professional Engineer

Researcher, Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation(CAIT), U.S.A.

Researcher, Korea Transportation Institute 

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, U.S.A., Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. 

Hanyang University.. M.S. in Transportation Engineering.


심 상 필  Sim SangPil

Zespa Company  Executive Managing Director

KOOK SOON DANG  Managing Director

ROK Naval Logistics Command Planning Department, Captain

Republic of Korea Navy 3rd Fleet Supply Depot, Captain

Colonel of ROK Navy

Graduate School of Business Administration, Kyungnam University


이 건 희  Lee KunHee

Bio Energy Singapore Pte.Ltd.  Founder/CEO

HeungAn Industry  Executive Managing Director

Korea Association for ICT Promotion  Manager

National Information Society Agency  Official

LGU+  Manager

Ultra Construction & Engineering  Manager

Sogang University Graduate School of Business,  MA

Sogang University Department of Political Science and Diplomacy,  BA


고 영 재  Ko YoungJae

Bana Thailand Corp  CEO

JCB Trading Corp  CEO

Akzo Nobel Div. Manager

Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Business Administration  MBA

Yonsei University Department of Business Administration,  BA


김 성 동  Kim SungDong

CT&T Head of PR Marketing Department,also Manager of Japan division
World Ceramic Exposition Foundation (PR Marketing Chief Manager)
Japan Management Association Consulting(consultant)
ROK army Captain(ROTC)
KyungHee University,  BA


설 정 우  Seol JeongWoo

Seol Architects & Engineers, Founder/CEO
Korea Institute of Registered Architects, Member
KIRA Gyeonggi, Member
KIRA(Architect) News, Reporter
Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Architectural Engineering, BA


김 항 기  Kim HangGi

People & People Consulting Founder/CEO
Human Resources Development Service of Korea, NCS Consultant
MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, Education of Humanism Member
Korea Federation of SMEs, Start-up Consulting Mentor
Hoseo Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, MA

 Thank you Very much.

We will do our best to the day when human life becomes rich and happy.




Phone number




336, Hosu-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea





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